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Why join ASFIScholar

ASFIScholar's core mandate is to promote Africa's scholars and research. We're committed to raising Africa's next generation of scientists through community-driven learning, real-time resource gathering, cross-sector networking, research capacity building, and collaboration.
Together we are a strong force.


For personal career growth and societal development, we must work together to achieve our goals. With ASFIScholar, we create a community of peers, young and old - to learn from each other, to mentor and be mentored, to network and collaborate. We value community as a force for greater impacts.

Visible Scholar

The visibility of scholars and their works is crucial in making expected impacts. ASFIScholar offers an active platform to be visible, nationally, continentally, and globally. Here you cross-link with other scholars within and without your discipline. With ASFIScholar, you will tell your career and research stories in your own way that attracts the right attention.

Life-Long Learning

Utilizing video interfacing technology, we offer life-long learning and science capacity building programs in a life-long manner. Here you can be an instructor as well as a student. Find an area of need, no matter the discpline. Create a course. Teach your collegues. It is give and take.

High Quality Resources

Access to scholarly resources is essential for keeping up-to-date with the know-how in any field, as well as driving career and personal growth. ASFIScholar opens up a space where scholars can contribute their scholarly resources for the consumption of all. We ensure scholars have access to a library of high-quality resources, fostering active learning, community engagement, and collaboration.

Publishment Program Options

Expert scholars have the right tools to publish and share their works on our platform, utilizing our community and values.

Earn a Certificate of Achievement

Scholars get to earn a Certificate on the various professional courses we offer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are answering the most frequent questions. No worries if you do not find the exact one. You can find out more by searching or continuing by clicking the button below or directly Contact our supports

ASFISCHOLAR is built generally for people passionate about education and its related attributions, while focusing on bringing African Scholars and Scientists into one community, enabling them to connect and share their astounding ideas.

We've ensured our platform has the necessary tools needed to help you through integration, however, you can reach out to us through our socials and contact info to help us further understand how we can personally help you.

To edit your profile is as simple as navigating to your profile icon on your page and selecting the "Edit Profile" option to edit or modify your relevant information.

The total cost of learning is affordable and will be made available upon enrollment.

We allow scholars to share their publications to our plaform and encourage community development around shared work.